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Make Procurement More Strategic by Leveraging SaaS Management Productiv for Procurement Productiv Can Help DATA SHEET Improve Partnership with IT Prepare for renewals with real-time data and shared system of record with IT • Renewal calendar and shared system with IT • Real-time application data. No need for employee surveys or vendor data • Deep insights by feature and by team Unlock Productivity Get data and insights to maximize SaaS value and standardization • Compare usage across applications • Identify areas of overlap with similar features • Map out strategic value of applications across organization Maximize SaaS Value for Your Company Manage hundreds of SaaS renewals all in one platform • Negotiate with vendors leveraging real-time data • Industry benchmarks • Improve forecasting and budgeting • Recommended license tiers and savings Get started for free with Productiv Essentials Productiv has enabled us to manage our SaaS portfolio more strategically. We are not just responding at the point of renewal. Now we can continuously evaluate and optimize our SaaS portfolio. " © 2020 Productiv, Inc. All rights reserved. Productiv is a registered trademark. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Procurement-DataSheet-111020 Maria Centeno, Head of Procurement at Zuora SaaS Purchasing is Changing THEN NOW Direct Procurement by IT Indirect Procurement across multiple businesses Limited number of apps Hundreds of SaaS applications Challenge How are you managing your SaaS costs and negotiations? 61% of companies have more than 100 SaaS apps, meaning 100 different contracts, 100 different points of contact, and multiple departments. Licenses can be optimized, and you can help manage overall SaaS spend that is thousands per employee. But with applications increasingly procured by lines of business, how can you get the data you need to effectively negotiate contracts and renewals? How can you reduce SaaS renewal costs? How can you strengthen your partnerships with IT and finance?

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