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HashiCorp successfully manages over 200 SaaS apps and 400% company growth leveraging Productiv Challenges Limited Visibility on Applications and Cost HashiCorp had over 225 SaaS applications, including personal licenses for Office365 and Acrobat. Employees were not sitting behind an enterprise firewall at Headquarters so IT had even less visibility. The team pulled together Google Spreadsheets to maintain a list of SaaS applications, but it was an ongoing problem. Additionally, the IT team was stuck managing stranded licenses after employees left the company. IT Resources and Vendor Management The large number of SaaS applications also meant significant time managing vendors and contracts. 225 SaaS applications also meant 225 points of contact and 225 contracts. Jim was often spending 50% of each week just focused on vendors. The fragmented view of SaaS also made it hard to budget future IT costs and manage renewal cycles. Employee Experience and Onboarding With 50 new hires a week, IT was busy setting up employees with all of the new software they would need. How could the team make sure that each employee had the right software they needed? Did each team have the software they needed? Or even the right level of license? Did the tools overlap? IT was swamped and lacked the strategic vision for the SaaS portfolio. CASE STUDY HashiCorp provides open-source tools and commercial products that are used by over 250 of the Global 2000 companies. Their software is critical in enabling secure, distributed application infrastructure for their customers. The company is 8 years old, but the last 2 years have been in hypergrowth, creating a new set of challenges. When Jim Fazzone joined, the company did not have an IT department. He was tasked with developing the team and helping the company scale. HashiCorp has been adding approximately 50 new people each month, growing from 150 people to over 1000 people in 2 years. The combination of growth and a workforce that was 85% remote (pre-COVID) created a number of IT challenges. Company: HashiCorp Employees: >1000 Location: San Francisco, CA SaaS Applications: 200+ Key SaaS Applications: Okta, Dropbox, Google Workplace Webinar: Watch Now > Productiv gives us visibility into engagement patterns and specific features that are being used, as well as tools and features that are potentially underutilized. This has proven to be a huge helper for us in renewal conversations and licensing considerations. " Jim Fazzone, Head of IT at HashiCorp

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