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MobileIron improves security, compliance and value of SaaS portfolio using Productiv Challenges Adapting to the Speed of SaaS One of the first challenges for Sumit and the IT team was the speed of new SaaS applications. Employees could buy and activate a new service at the click of a button by using a credit card, leading to more and more requests. In the past an ERP solution might take 6 months to install. Now he was getting 10-20 new application requests per month and needed to be able to support this increase in volume. Visibility and Security of All Applications MobileIron had hundreds of SaaS applications, and it was hard to keep track of all of the applications. Originally the team would conduct manual audits of what applications were under SSO every quarter. Just conducting the audit alone would take 3 weeks, and then the team would have to address security and compliance afterwards.The moment anyone left the company, or application requirements changed, then the audit became out of date. It was a constant battle to keep up with the applications and ensure security and compliance. Limited Feedback and Value Finally, Sumit needed more feedback from employees on the software applications. He wanted to know which tools each department was using and understand adoption rates. IT could do surveys, but employees didn't like them, and they would answer 2 out of 20 questions. When someone came with an issue, they had already made up their mind and it was too late. He wanted to be able to get feedback directly from the applications and plan ahead. CASE STUDY Founded in 2007, MobileIron is a market-leader in mobile security. The company provides unified endpoint and enterprise mobility management (EMM) for mobile devices, such as multi-factor authenti- cation (MFA). MobileIron has seen rapid growth and has close to 1,000 people before Ivanti acquired the company in September 2020. The growth of SaaS applications forced IT to change how they manage software and applications across the company. Sumit Johar, the CIO, outlined how IT used to be the primary buyer, and their focus was around building and implementing software and services. Now purchases are spread out across the organization, and IT needs to focus on integration and creating value. Sumit's goal was a shift in how IT operated, and to make MobileIron a true SaaS and subscription com- pany. That meant creating an agile set of internal operations, and tools and technologies that enable that flexibility. All driven by data to help him make right decisions on what is working and what is not. Company: MobileIron Employees: 900+ Location: Mountain View, CA SaaS Applications: 150+ Key SaaS Applications: Office 365, G-Suite, Zoom, Salesforce Webinar: Watch Now > Productiv has given IT the opportunity to gather usage and insights in new ways. IT surveys don't work. You should never have to ask users. Now with Productiv we can see on Day 1 how adoption and usage is. Now we can get ahead of the curve. " Sumit Johar, CIO

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