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The story ahead at Productiv

I recently joined Productiv to lead product marketing efforts. We all have different reasons for joining companies, but what struck me about Productiv is that there’s lots of “headroom” to tell a big story. As a marketer, I look for big stories to tell, where we have an opinionated vision about the future, and have opportunities to inspire people. 

Productiv solves the deceptively difficult problem of knowing what SaaS your company purchases, how you use it, and ensuring you get your money’s worth. Talk to anyone who owns this responsibility and you quickly understand the chore that it is, no matter if your company has 10 employees or 10,000. 

Arguably the way we purchase software has changed forever, and we’re long overdue in adjusting to the shift. There are more options than ever to get work done, SaaS software doesn’t require IT to install it, and with a credit card, everyone is their own procurement team. This shift is painful for IT teams because we haven’t evolved our processes at the same pace as the increase in tool adoption. When I saw the Productiv demo, it was plainly obvious that this was the answer to that pain. 

When you create value for your customers and in exchange are stewards of their data, you have opportunities to build exciting new products for them that are only possible with access to data at scale. I’ve witnessed countless industries that are being transformed by horizontal access to data across all businesses who encounter similar challenges. Imagine what’s possible when we’re collectively informed by the knowledge of how every company in the world works, collaborates, negotiates contracts, and eliminates waste. How could we ethically ensure that we all have better data to make better decisions, as both vendors and customers? What new services and methods of doing business could we build to evolve our industry with information transparency and symmetry available for all? These open-ended questions are exciting because there are so many stories we can tell as we grow the product for our customers. 

The problem space Productiv is exploring has so much room for innovation. I look forward to working with our customers, present and future, to tell the story of how we tackled these stories together.